Ford & Mazda - 1.0 to 2.2 Performance Diesel & Petrol Tuning Box

Ford & Mazda - 1.0 to 2.2 Performance Diesel & Petrol Tuning Box

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Part Number:SPD-223

This Spider Tuning Box is a plug & play high-performance chip upgrade for your common rail diesel or petrol direct injection turbocharged engines. For your Ford, Mazda, Transit, CX3 CX5 CX7, Mondeo, Focus, Mazda 3 Mazda 6 etc 

NOTE: If you are wanting support for the 3.2 TDCi engine - then please look at the Speed-Buster listing for dedicated unit with Bluetooth control standard!

Up to 30% Increase in power in less than 10 Minutes!

Note: The performance increase examples are the maximum achievable which is often reached in RaceMode.

Dual Channel - Controls Fuel & Boost pressure! (3 & 4 channel for Petrol engines)

Key Features 

ü  Adaptiv-SCAN™ Fuel Delivery Software 
ü  Automatic Calibration 
ü  Up to 15% Fuel Saving 
ü  Onboard ambient temperature sensor for reliability & performance
ü  Automotive Quality Components throughout
ü  Invisible To The Dealer, Leaves No Trace once removed
ü  Diesel Particle (DPF) and FAP compatible & safe
ü  Driver Characteristic Monitoring™ 
ü  Infinitely Variable Fuel Mapping™
ü  LED Function Display with Front Key Pad
ü  Robotic Made Circuitry
ü  PCB Electrolytic Gold - Lead-Free
ü  RPM & Load Detection 
ü  ECO, 4 x FAST ROAD or RACEMODE mode all with a push of a button! 
ü  VSPP™ (Voltage Spike & Polarity Protection) 
ü  GRP Moulded Case with Strong Steel Back Plate
ü  Factory Plugs - No external 12v Power Source Required – Easy Self Install
ü  Quad Filtering of all Signal Channels
ü  Turbo Lag Reduced
ü  Comes complete with self-install instructions & user manual


**30 Day Money Back Guarantee** 

Upgrade unit to Bluetooth for Android devices for full in car control and more options for only $99 - iOS support coming soon!

If you car is still under manufacturer warranty then this unit has the potential to void it, but it is undetectable by their scan tool though it is visible.

GST invoice supplied - Dealer enquiries welcomed & trade discounts apply :) 

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