Ford & Mazda 3.2 Diesel TDCi Performance Chiptuning / ECU / Tuning Box

Ford & Mazda 3.2 Diesel TDCi Performance Chiptuning / ECU / Tuning Box

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Speed-Buster® Diesel Chip Tuning Box Plus for Ford Ranger and Everest or Mazda BT-50 3.2 Diesel TDCi engines.

 - Power increase of 38kW & 115Nm

 - All motor protection programs are retained

 - All units come with Bluetooth and support for iOS and Android devices, 3 power maps included, Eco, Sport & Sport +. Plus it can be turned off and on from the App as well.

 - 3 channel connection to Rail & Boost and takes a feed from camshaft sensor as well. 

 - Tuning only within the load limits of the engine

 - Cold Start delay

 - Easy self-installation without special tools in about 10-15 minutes

 - Speed-Busters require 12v connection to power and earth

 - Easy, fast and 100% ability to put back to standard.

 - Designed and Manufactured in Germany for 20 years.

 - Thanks to the increased torque, fuel savings of up to 15% are possible. 

 - Original manufacturer's plugs and a waterproof sealed housing ensure easy mounting and long-term reliability.

Modern microprocessors now enable multi-channel boxes, up to eight sensors are processed in real time, recalculated and forwarded to the engine. Through this recalculation based on the vehicle-specific characteristics, several engine parameters are simultaneously optimized. (no pure rail pressure increase) 

All SPEED-BUSTER® Chiptuning boxes are programmed with specially developed maps, which are exactly matched to the respective vehicle type. Our tuning developers use sophisticated test bench measurements and test drives to determine the ideal settings for each vehicle.


**30 Day Money Back Guarantee** 

Upgrade unit to Bluetooth with Andriod 7" Tablet for full in car control and more options for only $199!

If you car is still under manufacturer warranty then this unit has the potential to void it, but it is undetectable by their scan tool though it is visible.

GST invoice supplied - Dealer enquiries welcomed & trade discounts apply :) 

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