Frequently Asked Questions

There are many misconceptions / mistruths, let's clear them all up!

Can fitting a Spider® Performance Pack damage my engine?

No, impossible. The reason it is impossible is because our system is only changing voltages and signals back to the ECU. All the protective features built in to the ECU software remain intact, and will function as they should.

Why would I pay more for Spider® when there are cheaper systems available to me?

When comparing Spider® against other products, it is important to realise that price is only one factor. Research and development, advanced design and manufacturing as well as expertly written firmware and support, are some of the additional factors one needs to consider. It would not be fair to compare the technology of a single channel tuningbox which is adjusted with a screwdriver to the technology of the Spider® iMode™ pack with Adaptiv-Scan™. Directly, and through our high-end tuningshop distributors, Spider® supply and fit to many Prestige cars, including Porsche, Mercedes AMG, BMW M series as well as the family and commercial vehicles, so our expertise and knowledge is diverse and always of the highest standard. The technical data we learn from tuning supercars is often implemented when it comes to tuning everyday cars also.

I tried a tuningbox before but had nothing but problems!

Please refer to the above section titled - Why would I pay more for Spider® when there are cheaper systems available to me?

What if I need a service, will it affect my warranty?

In most cases fitting an aftermarket performance system or having your ECU remapped will invalidate your warranty no matter what other Companies may say, but because Spider® does not change anything on the car or within the ECU, the Performance Pack can be removed at anytime and your car is instantly back to standard power.

No keys are left in the ECU (keys are little pieces of code which are left hidden in the ECU after a remap to alert the dealer and the car manufacturer that the software in the ECU has been altered).

No traces of it being fitted are left behind, once your service or warranty work is complete, you can simply reinstall the Spider.

Will My Vehicle Smoke More?

No, the car will drive with the same amount of emissions, just much faster J

A friend of mine says.....

Whilst there are people who will always suggest fitting a plug in performance product is bad (often now generically referred to as a tuningbox) it is often the case that they have not, or at least have not fitted a premium performance upgrade such as Spider®. It is not until you actually install a product such as Spider® that you understand the technology and research involved in such a high-quality product.

Most negative feedback comes from bad experiences involving generic tuningboxes such as the type often found on eBay, Trademe & Amazon. These generic one plug, fits all types of tuningboxes have plagued the tuning scene and in a way rightly so. Many of them lack the most basic technology such as voltage load control, reverse polarity protection, anti-noise control, anti-spike protection, signal filtering, cold start delay or anti-engine light software.

Needless to say, Spider® has all these protective functions and many more.

What kind of increase in performance can I expect from Squirt Spider Tuning Unit and will it improve my economy?

All of the units supplied by Squirt will give up to 30% increase in Power (kW) and up to 30% increase in torque (Nm) depending on the vehicle, the vehicle will be noticeably stronger pulling away and over-taking , these units are superb for those having to tow a large trailer, boat or caravan. All performance figures quoted are given as an approximate guideline and will vary from vehicle to vehicle, figures can also be influenced by outside factors such as temperature, air quality, quality of fuel and accuracy of the dyno the vehicle is being tested on as well as maintenance of the vehicle.

On economy : the units are sold mainly for their performance increase however almost all customers who have fitted one have noticed that if driving sensibly economy will increase by up to 15%, this is not due directly to the tuning unit but more to how the vehicle drives after the tuning unit is fitted, its really down to common sense, if the vehicle pulls away easier in lower revs you don’t need to keep changing gears as often which reduces the amount of fuel used. This also means that you are not having to rev the engine hard to get performance which reduces stress on the engine and again reduces fuel consumption.

Chip tuning (remapping) or Tuning Box which is best?

It’s a personal choice really, both should give similar results. For some people a Tuning Box is preferable if their car is under warranty as the unit can just be removed for servicing and re-fitted afterwards.

Chip tuning also gives excellent results and means that the method of tuning is invisible to the eye, two main downsides other than cost are that if the vehicle dealer has to install updated software from the vehicle manufacturer the chip tuning is likely to be erased and will have to be re-done or sometimes the ECU has to be physically opened and modified – again technically both of those are voiding the Warranty, and once the vehicle is sold you will be up for a high cost to enhance your next vehicle L

To Good To Be True?

That's why we tested it, on-road (what we call our bum ometer) and dyno, we would not put our Squirt name to anything other than the best!

Any further questions? Call or email us and we will be pleased to help J