Who Is Spider?

Spider® is a UK Company www.dieseltuning.co.uk who specialise in the design and manufacture of premium quality chip tuning products for more than 20 years, they are designed to be installed and removed from the vehicle without leaving any trace of ever being fitted.

Their products are aimed at customers with new or prestige cars who do not want to affect their car's warranty by having the ECU removed and reprogrammed, which can have a negative effect on their car's manufacturers warranty.

All their tuning products are designed and manufactured in-house so quality control is very tight, Spider® pride themselves in the very high quality of their chip tuning products, and constantly evolve their designs to help keep them at the front when it comes to technology and design.

You can tell this when you inspect any of the Spider® products, from the touch panel customer control to the high-quality electronics within, everything is designed and manufactured to the highest detail.

When we started looking for a removable chiptuning solution, we looked at the current offering in NZ & Australia but nothing really lived up to the hype, in some instances we were actually surprised at how bad some of the units were. Then we discovered Spider® in the UK and decided to sample their product.

Spider® was dyno tested and road tested and is the only system available which lives up to the expectations we had. No errors, no engine lights, crisp performance and huge amounts of torque without the smoke! And the optional Bluetooth module with 7” Tablet with iMode direct Control is a game changer J

Now it is available throughout NZ & Australia, for a huge range of petrol and diesel cars and trucks.